Serving the entire Western Slope of Colorado!  The Roaring Fork Valley, The Vail Valley, Summit County, and beyond!

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"The Best Water Because We Care!"

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The Best Water...

Because We Care!

Professional Water Softening  & Filtration

Exclusive Home & Family Water Health Evaluations

Sullivan Water offers water softeners & filtration systems to make your water cleaner and tastier, while helping you save money and be healthier.


Call us today at 970-876-4174 to learn more about our water treatment and water evaluation services.

Owner Bill Sullivan is the Western Slope, Roaring Fork & Vail Valley's only Certified Master Water Specialist.  With Sullivan Water, not only will you enjoy clean drinking water, your laundry will also be brighter and your hair and skin healthier.  Homemade foods and beverages will taste delicious.

Our industry leading services include water testing, consultations, water softeners, water filtration, water conditioning, water purification, alkaline water, reverse osmosis, naturally activated coconut carbon filters, and many more.  Stop wondering what's in your familiy's water, call us at 970-876-4174.

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